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Interaxo - a stable and efficient project tool

Some can find project management chaotic, unmanageable and difficult to take part in. That is not the case with Interaxo. After many years in the business we have developed a solution in close collaboration with our customers. With continuous feedback, improvements and new releases – we provide you with a tool that is always up to date with the newest functions and solutions.

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Regain full control of your project with Interaxo!

Interaxo is a secure place for collaboration and document management in the cloud. It is easy to use - and it quickly becomes a way of working. Interaxo is suited for all types of projects, both small and big teams will benefit from working in Interaxo.

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Visual Boards

Our tool, Visual Boards, secures a common perception of what your construction project should deliver within the project group.

A common problem in project management is often the lack of a collective understanding of contributions. Who is in charge and what is to be delivered and at what time?

With Visual Boards you will be able to visualize the workflow with decisions, deliveries and progress in a joint model. 

Visual Boards – is compatible with VDC and ICE technology.

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Operation & Maintenance Manuals

With our Operation and Maintenance solution you ensure a continuous collection of data during the whole construction phase. This provides you with a template that demonstrates to you, your subcontractor and suppliers what they are expected to deliver during the project phase.

Gain control – plan your handover already today!

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Take advantage of our open API and connect your own solutions to Interaxo and save time and work more efficient.

Thousands of people use Interaxo every day to ensure that documents, drawings and models are shared in a safe way. With Interaxo’s open API system, you can integrate and customize the solution to your needs.

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