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What does our customers really think of us? We have asked some of our clients and here you can get an understanding of how Interaxo made sure projects reached their deadline on time and on budget.

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Feel free to download PDF information sheets on Interaxo, Visual Boards, API and our other solutions. They are there for you to read at your convenience.

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Sometimes you need to dive deeper and ask those who really know what they are doing. It's reassuring to know that Interaxo offers free webinars, support around the clock and consultations.

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BIMEYE provides you with a complete picture and control of models and BIM data, so you can be more efficient. It will be even easier to make calculations, purchases, estimates and not least reduce the likelihood of errors in the projects.

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Save time and work more efficiently! Do you know you can drag and drop emails and attachments from Microsoft Outlook directly to Interaxo?


When your project is completed you can request an export and transfer all your data and project information. So even though you are terminating your project in Interaxo, you will keep all your information safe for the future.

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When you have completed a project in eRoom we advise you to order an export of all your data. Click on the link below and fill out the necessary forms.

"Interacting with customers and suppliers is now much easier. Clear visual approval processes allow faster and better control of the projects."

- Trond Simensrud, project manager in Hæhre Entreprenør

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You've got the hardest job. We've got the easiest tool. Let Interaxo help you achieve full control of all your projects.

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With Interaxo collaboration is easy and the correct information is always available - to you and you subcontractors.

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Get rid of worries during and after your project. With Interaxo the final result will be as predicted and expected.

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